Good night, Drift

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I have no idea what he’s teasing Deadlock about but LOL. It’s working.

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"How to torture an ex-Con"

I have no excuse

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Ha ha ha ha ha ow.

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gay nosetouch icons for me n leg on our personals

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THIS IS REALLY DUMB but I know someone who’s gonna like it anyway

(mtmte drift because I know how to draw him this could be my wing lives au)

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"Sober up you piece of shit."

This is their relationship right?  

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You are my sky.

Drowning in Drift/Wing feels ALL DAY. I blame the fanfics I read this morning. One of them had Wing referring to Drift with the above line and I swear I cried. Because for a flier, “I love you” doesn’t quite cut it. Try “you are the one thing I cannot live without, the thing that completes me, that comforts me and carries me to freedom; you are what lives in my smile and reflects in my optics, and I could lose myself in you forever.”

(Now remember that Wing lives underground. you’re welcome)

Never, ever, ever over Wing.

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Since I don’t think I’ll ever get to color this I might as well post it.

This is an illustrated scene from this lovely fic which Hellkitty wrote me for Valentine’s day this year. Drift and Wing, filesharing in Crystal City.

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on vacation ! see you later!

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I suddenly remembered that Wing existed when I was on my way home. I have no idea how that happened, but it kinda made me sad and I felt like I should quickly make a lil’ something with him, so have some ol’ Drift with his (boy)friend Wing.

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